About Me

My name is Rosy, with a ‘Y’ – many people spell it Rosie, but that’s not me. 😉

I’m starting this blog for many reasons, and yet for no reason, at the same time: to have something to do, to reflect on my journey to become healthy, and to declutter my mind. I will be posting about many topics: weight loss/health and my battle to get my PCOS under control, random thoughts/events from the day, personal finance, recipes I’ve tried, my life in general as a newlywed, anything I can think of, etc. This is my place to drop off my thoughts and unburden my mind that’s always running. Here’s the reason for the blog name.

I graduated from college in 2013. I still can’t believe that was three years ago already! As a recent graduate, everyone wanted to know: “What’s next? What are you going to do?” My answer? I don’t know yet, and right now, that’s ok with me. Luckily, my current employer is encouraging of whatever my next steps are. How many people can say that?

As previously mentioned, I recently married my handsome husband/best friend.  He is very supportive of my journey to become healthier through nutrition and exercise. As a newlywed, I am looking forward to getting our first home, starting a family, and growing old together.

I am: 26, Honduran-American, and Ready for Anything (that life throws my way).

Thanks for checking out my blog and make sure to subscribe/follow to get updates! 🙂


One thought on “About Me

  1. Hello, Rosy! I love your blog, and your name! It’s so cool that we graduated on the same year! How fast does time really fly? 😀 I wish you good luck, and it’s nice to hear you’ve got such a wonderful and supportive husband! Cheers, Diana

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