Putting It All Out There. Maybe.

Hello again.

Since the last time I wrote, to my own shock, I actually DID start working out again. I will admit that I gave up after a few days the first week because I was so damn sore from my leg day workout. Weak. The following week I was just trying to get through that horrible time that most ladies get. Y’all know what I’m sayin’. So I pretty much was deadddd. But I’m back at it this week! It’s Wednesday and I worked out both Monday AND Tuesday. Today is a cold and rainy day here in the DFW area and I’m spending it indoors cuddled up with my dogs. No worries though. My workouts are home workouts that don’t require fancy gym equipment – just bodyweight or light dumbbells.

I went to my primary care physician this week for my annual physical and because they wouldn’t refill my medicine without checking in again. I still need to go back to get my blood drawn for labs because I was in a rush on Monday, so I should have results back early next week. My blood pressure was good (to my surprise) but my weight has obviously gone up since I saw him last year though. I had gone down some around May but I gained it back and more. Here’s to me being brave… *breathe* My highest weight is now roughly 289 (with clothes – that makes a difference right???) UGH! I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone my weight except my husband. This is really hard to admit. However, I think it’s an important step in my journey. By putting it out there I have given myself some sort of accountability as I don’t want to come back and say I’ve gained even more weight. I’m telling y’all, I really want to try this time. I want to lose the weight. I NEED to lose the weight and get healthier. There are a couple of reasons for this besides the fact that I’m tired of walking around feeling like Violet from Willy Wonka.


I feel so round.

My mom has been dealing with several health issues for a while now. She was diagnosed with stomach ulcers, attributed to stress, many years ago. Most recently she was diagnosed with gout, arthritis (not sure which kind), and the scariest is Diabetes Type 2. It’s scary to hear because she’s had issues with her sugar before and doesn’t like to take medicine and she’s stubborn in her eating habits. She doesn’t live in the safest of neighborhoods so I’m glad she owns a treadmill but I’m not sure how often she uses it. My point is that Diabetes is a real threat to my health, not only due to my PCOS and insulin resistance but now it’s most likely always been in my genetics.

(NOTE: to my IRL friends and family, please don’t bring up what I’m about to say because it’s a difficult subject for me to talk about seriously…I know I joke about it and have been known to say I just want dogs but that’s just a front so I don’t have to delve deeper into the subject.)

The other biggest reason I really need to get my stuff together is that my husband and I want to get started on our family. It’s a touchy subject for me with my health and the possibilities. The what-ifs scare me. I might post about it another day, maybe.

But there you have it. This is more for myself, as usual, just to get my thoughts out and try and work through stuff. I’m working on getting my eating habits on a healthy track. I’ll be starting Victoza again – just a sample for now – along with my regular meds. I’m hoping it will get me started in the right direction along with my exercise plan and diet. Low carb is what I’m aiming for or at least fewer carbs and take out/fast food, for now, so please share any recipes or Pinterest boards if you’d like.




Fall – Reset and Renew

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Fall is my favorite season. So many holidays, brisk weather (a bit delayed here in good ol’ Texas), delicious food and drinks (hot cocoa anyone?), and beautiful colors.

I recently went through a [self-diagnosed] depressive episode that lasted longer than I’d like to admit. I honestly have no clue when it lifted or how. I just now am realizing that I even made it through and that I’m feeling more positive. Unfortunately, I’m still trying to get a grip on my constantly racing mind. The lack of sleep is insane. I wake up and have so much trouble falling back asleep. Then I keep thinking about how little sleep I will get and my mind goes all over the place. Pinterest keeps suggesting pins related to anxiety. Thanks for caring, Pinterest. I’ll be making my annual wellness doctor’s visit soon and I will have to remember to bring it up. The stigma that comes along with mental health issues is gnawing at me though. Like, how do I bring this up? I have a good doctor who takes the time to listen to my complaints but I still can’t help but worry that my concerns will be dismissed. I know it’s irrational thinking but hello, that’s what I’m going in for.

Getting to my original reason for this post – I’m feeling more positive in general and I think I’m ready to tackle my issues again. At least, I want to believe I am. Every time I say I’m getting my health back on track, I fail…fall…crash and burn. Not only do I probably disappoint my family and friends (I can’t assume I do because obviously, they have more important things to worry about than me) but I definitely disappoint myself. Shouldn’t I care more about myself to try harder? We all should care about ourselves. So! I’m going to reset and start fresh. Just like the fall leaves are getting ready: giving the tree a new chance, new opportunities are coming. That totally sounded better to myself in my head.

Here we go again!