New Year, Same Me


Alrighty…it’s now 2017. Time for “new year, new me” right? Well, with my track record that’ll only last a short time. I’m on a never-ending cycle of motivated action, not seeing the results I want, feeling defeated and giving up, and repeat. Somehow there must be a way to break this cycle.

Taking it one day, one week, one month at a time is probably the best. Evaluate and modify. Try again.

So again for this year my goals include getting healthy and losing weight. This year that means having my knee surgery (it’s just two days away!! *freak out*) and taking the time to recover. As soon as I am able, I will start on a workout routine that I can stick to. What that will be is still to be determined. This month I’m also focusing on increasing my water intake.

Other resolutions for this year include date night once a month, reading at least six books, making a cookbook recipe at least twice a month, learning a new language (check out the Duolingo app), and paying off our car loan ahead of time.

Today I’m feeling unusually motivated and positive. Perhaps it’s the fact that I slept over 8 hours last night (according to my Fitbit…I’m suspicious of that number though). Or perhaps, it’s because the weather is nice out. Who knows? The fact is, if I can hold on to this feeling for a while I can probably be more productive and make some real changes.

Here’s to a new year, same me, but different… 🙂


Taking A Knee…

…like in football? That’s a thing right?

In my birthday post last week I mentioned all about my plans to start training for a 5K. Unfortunately, that is on hold temporarily. Yesterday while heading to work, I managed to hurt myself. Luckily I wasn’t going full speed and there was mud to help cushion the fall off my bike. Although the mud is the main reason I fell in the first place.

I limped away with a bruised up knee and a sore body. My bike was only damaged because we ended up having to break the fenders to fit it in our car. I’m so thankful my husband was with me and we weren’t far from home so it didn’t take him long to ride back and get the car to pick me up.

Now I can say I’ve had x-rays taken, other than my teeth. Nothing was broken but it is possible I pulled or tore something but would only know if I got an MRI. If my pain doesn’t get better I’ll probably get one. For now, with the medicine, crutches, and ice packs my pain is tolerable and I think I will be OK.

Hopefully I’m up and walking normally soon.


Here's a photo of my bandaged knee. There's a huge bruise underneath.