Japan Day 2 – The Wedding!

Day 2 of our Japan trip was a beautiful, but windy, Friday. Sis-in-law woke up super early and dropped her stuff off at our room since she’d be transferring rooms that night. She went on her own little adventure that day to see Mt. Fuji and the beautiful cherry blossoms. Hubby and I got up and grabbed breakfast at the hotel. I’m used to continental/American breakfasts full of cereals and breads, so walking into the dining area that morning was a shock to me. There was a huge rice cooker, different meats, jelly fish (that’s what hubby said anyway), hard boiled eggs, and other savory items. They also had a very small assortment of more breakfast-y items like fruit, yogurt, and a few pastries. I grabbed my plate and started loading up. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. It was time to try different things, and I’m glad I did because my meal was so delicious! On our way back up to our room we checked out the lobby’s vending machine and found out the canned coffee was hot! AMAZING! It was super cheap, too.


Hot latte in a can from a vending machine!

We had a few hours before the wedding started that day so hubby and I decided to walk to the mall. Conveniently, it was within walking distance – only about 15 mins away. The neighborhood our hotel was located in was a very quiet area. It was also the beginning of Japan’s Golden Week which is when they tend to travel so that probably added to the emptiness. We arrived at the mall and started wandering around. Japanese people really love their clothing stores! We checked a few home goods stores, a music store, a department store (it had a grocery store on the first floor) and a bookstore. We walked to another part of the mall and ended up grabbing ice cream from a vending machine to eat on our way back to the hotel.


I REALLY wanted to get this!


Arcade machine at the mall

To our wonderful surprise, our friend was at the hotel running errands before the wedding. It had been a few years since we’d last seen him and we didn’t know if we’d see him before the wedding started. We didn’t have much to do so we gave him and his fiance a hand taking decorations to the wedding venue. Like I mentioned before, it was a very windy day so on our way to the venue we struggled against the wind. Boy, was it strong! One of the items we were carrying flew into a huge field and our friend and my husband had to run to get it as it kept rolling and flying away. Us girls had a good laugh at their dilemma. After dropping stuff off, we left the two lovebirds and went to get ready.

The wedding itself was short and sweet. It was outdoors so the wind kept messing with the bride’s veil but she looked beautiful nonetheless. I tried taking photos with my phone but it was a recent replacement (as in a day before we left for the trip) and apparently the camera was messed up. It would not focus on anything further than a couple feet away. I was so disappointed, but it also allowed me to be more in the moment and really reflecting and absorbing what was happening. The reception was quite fancy. If I remember correctly, it was a 7-course meal. We had a blast chatting with our friend’s new sister and brother-in-law. They  were a very impressive couple and very kind with super adorable children. The reception went on a bit longer than anticipated but still ended quite early.


Camera wouldn’t focus on anything further away, so here are some pretty flowers!


Everyone headed out and we planned to meet up with our friend, his new wife, his family, and a few of their friends at a karaoke bar next to the hotel. My sis-in-law was supposed to meet us there on her way back from her excursion. Now, I’ve never been a huge karaoke fan because I know I sound terrible so I was hoping to get some liquid courage but that didn’t happen and I only did one song. It was a blast watching everyone else though! Hubby REALLY loves karaoke and he got really into it. He and our friend ended up doing a duet on Disney’s Let It Go from Frozen. That was fun to watch. I even got video of it so I we can enjoy that moment over and over again. HAHA!

The night was winding down, and we still had not heard anything from SIL. Last we had heard, the portable wi-fi unit was low on battery. We assumed since we weren’t getting any responses from her, that her phone was probably also dead. We were getting worried since it was pretty late so I jumped online and tried to find out if there were any problems on the trains. There was one line that was delayed but we didn’t know if that’s the one she’d be on. We headed back to the hotel and hoped to see her there or at least get in touch with her soon. My husband ended up falling asleep knowing I’d stay up and be the responsible one…men…right?? I had to fight off sleep and luckily got a call from SIL. Someone had misdirected her and she was stranded at the wrong station. Her only real option was to catch a cab back. Relieved that she was safe, I stayed up to wait for her to get there. We updated her boyfriend back home and let him know she was headed to the hotel. When she got there, I had lost all tiredness and we started chatting about our days. I think at one point we woke up my husband and he joined our conversation for a while. Slowly it died down and somehow we were all hit drifted off to sleep.



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