Adventure To Japan!

Konichiwa! That means hello in Japanese. It is one of very few Japanese words I learned. Google Translate was a godsend and very helpful tool while on our 6-day trip around Tokyo earlier this month. This is going to be a lengthy post, so I might just break it up over several posts.

It was a dark and stormy night… Actually we left on a Tuesday before the crack of dawn. But it had rained the night before. We were so excited for the trip we didn’t really sleep much. A 3-hour or so plane ride later with hubby and my favorite sis-in-law (HEEEEEY!) we were waiting at LAX for our international flight. We got there a good 4-5 hours before our flight. The ticketing office for our airline hadn’t even opened yet! I don’t even remember what we did to make the time pass by. Oh yeah, we scavenged for food. Ay, airport food is so expensive. They really take advantage of hungry, jet-lagged customers. Eventually it was time to board. I’ve only been on a plane a handful of times and I’m an anxious person, so down into my tummy went the Dramamine. Not only does that stuff help me avoid motion sickness, but it also tends to make me sleepy so I can fall asleep for a bit on the plane. We settled into our seats, “ready” for the 11+ hour flight.

The first few hours were all excitement! We’re off to the other side of the world and going to see our friend get married! We’re watching some good movies on the in-flight entertainment tablet. Woooh! We got some food!

A few hours later, I was feeling restless. I wanted to get up but didn’t want to be bumpin’ and grindin’ against peoples’ arms while walking the aisles. So I only got up when I needed to go to the restroom. And boy was that tiny! Big girl, you are beautiful, but next time we’re slimming you down! I also tried stretching my neck every once in a while. Luckily one of the movies I was watching was boring enough to put me to sleep so I got some rest on the plane. At some point closer to landing we were fed a second meal. We were offered beverages during our flight, but I only drank water. I don’t see a point in drinking if I can’t be loud and disturbing the peace, yo! More flying through the air happened and finally we were in Japan!

Stay tuned for the next post where I ramble on about the various things we saw and did.




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