Put The Lime In The Coconut

Last week I bought a bottle of turmeric. Apparently this spice is magical. It’s anti-inflammatory and supposed to be good for PCOS. I didn’t really read much about it but I have wanted to try something new so I got some. I walked into my kitchen a few days later and didn’t know what to make. All of a sudden I had a craving for coconut and lime and rice. The food of my people? I decided to experiment and made coconut lime chicken and rice. As usual I didn’t really measure but it turned out great. I probably should use half the amount of rice too but I love the stuff. 😊

2 thinly sliced chicken breast cutlets
Coconut oil
1/2 onion, diced
1 garlic clove, minced
Turmeric, tarragon, black pepper, and salt, to taste
1 cup jasmine rice
1-2 cups coconut milk, unsweetened + water


Coconut lime chicken and rice in the process

1. Season chicken with the turmeric, tarragon, salt and pepper to your liking.
2. Heat some coconut oil in a pan and sautee the onion and garlic. Add the chicken and brown on both sides.
3. I added my rice in as soon as I flipped the chicken. Stir it a few seconds to get it coated in the flavored oil. Add the coconut milk and water for a total of 2 cups of liquid.
4. Add lime zest and lime juice to taste. I also added a bit more turmeric and coconut oil for extra coconut flavor.
5. Bring it all to a boil, cover, then simmer for 15 minutes.
6. When it’s all done, add fresh lime juice if you like, and some cilantro.
7. Scarf down delicious meal before significant other or pets realize what’s happening and attempt to steal it from you. 😆


Photo after the rice was cooked. So much yellow.

Let me know if you try this and how you like it. I’ll be making this again sometime this week. It’s just too good.


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