September Week 3 Recap

It’s finally moving week! I’m excited but also anxious. I need to finish packing and have almost run out of boxes. :/ We currently have no internet at home and won’t have any at the new place until the end of next week! Thank goodness for unlimited data on our phones, Miracast, and tethering. I should be busy packing/unpacking for the rest of this week and next to need too much internet access anyway. In the meantime, I have my bike to ride, books to read, and two very needy (but hopefully lazy) puppies to tend to.

Like I’ve said before, weekends are the worst for me. I ate terribly (I miss cheese sooo much!!) and felt bloated from it for a few days. I’m just now starting to feel better. Last week for exercise I went to my Camp Gladiator class and we flipped tires! Like huge big-rig tires. Those things were heavy! We had tons of fun though because our trainer had us working in teams and against each other with exercises in between. It was a rough session but I felt amazing after. Well, after I got home, ate, and had the chance to relax a bit.

This week we’re doing HIIT workouts and let me you, that is hard! Everyone was soaked by the end of the hour today. I was already lacking energy but know I’ve got to keep pushing myself and did it. For my meals, I’m sticking to salads with chicken for lunch so I have something quick and easy to take with me. Especially since packing up most of our dishes last night, I need simple meals that use the least amount of ingredients, utensils, and cookware. For me that’s usually chicken and veggies – therefore my dinner for the rest of the week. Tonight I ate eggs for dinner though. So quick and yummy!

Well back to packing I must go. At least I get to play with any leftover bubble wrap at the end of all this! 😀


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