September Week 1 Recap

First week of the month is gone. Only three more weeks until we move! It’s exciting!

The hubs and I spent this past Saturday running errands. We went to a grown up furniture store and were scared away by the grown up prices. No, thank you! We noped right on out and headed to Ikea instead. We had a delicious lunch and took a look at some couches. Since we still have three weeks we only bought him a new desk chair. We headed to REI after to get him some safety gear after he took a nasty fall a few days before on his bike. We also got me a new bike. I’m in love!! We went on a night ride with one of our friends later on. It’s been about 15 years or so since I last owned a bike. I’ve had it three days now and I’m getting the hang of how to properly use all the gears.

Photo credit: (mine is a darker blue than this)

As far as my nutrition for this past week goes, I did well throughout the work week. I forgot we had a meeting on Friday morning and rushed to it so I didn’t have breakfast. About three hours later I was so hungry I got Taco Cabana.  I thought that might be better than a greasy hamburger and fries. For Labor Day, I was super lazy for the first part of the day. Eventually I got up and started doing dishes and laundry. Some friends came over later and we ordered pizza and I had some whiskey and tequila. Not much at all honestly. Basically one shot of each. When hubby got home it was time to bike ride but I almost didn’t go. I told myself I should since I was lazy earlier. Note to self: never eat pizza shortly before biking or doing any exercise. It made the bike ride awful. Seriously. I’ve learned my lesson.

This second week is going to go by pretty fast (hopefully) since it’s a 4-day work week! And it’s payday week! Woo-hoo! I’m excited to keep biking and get better. This week is also the first week of Camp Gladiator so hopefully that goes well and I get to meet some cool new people. 🙂


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