Finding the Motivation to Keep Going

I admit it. This month has been terrible. I lost my motivation to push myself at my workouts, to be consistent, and to eat healthy. For the month of July I didn’t lose much weight, especially in comparison to the month of June. It was discouraging and this month was worse. I did gain strength through my weight training so I’ve seen some progress but I want to see the pounds coming off. I want to be as close to 200 as possible by my birthday. I know I can do it. I just need to be consistent!

Last night I started working on planning meals for the week. This included trying to plan around any activities I might be doing so that I don’t end up eating bad when I’m out. I used Pinterest to search for Whole 30 and Paleo meal ideas. I like the whole 30 program because it focuses on real food and Paleo because it helps avoid gluten and dairy. I can definitely notice a difference in how I feel when I avoid both versus when I don’t. The symptoms range from digestional issues to having a constantly stuffy nose, which is really annoying. 

This month I was also told I was pretty anemic. I had to go to a hematologist and received an IV infusion of iron just to try to bring my levels up to normal. Usually this is done for people with severe kidney disease! I’m also having to double up on my supplements, and if I can tolerate it I was told to triple it. My body is having problems absorbing the iron. Dietary changes would probably help so I really need to do this for my ultimate health. I’ll have to go back in December to see if my levels go up and if they don’t I’ll have to do another infusion. That’s something I’d really prefer to avoid. Due to my anemia and the fact that my blood cells are smaller than normal, my veins are super thin. I was poked four times. Four extremely painful times. My veins kept moving or just simply collapsed/disappeared. It was not a good experience.

As for exercise, my plan for September is to be consistent and step it back up. Coincidentally, Camp Gladiator had a sale this past week for their 7th birthday. I was able to scoop up a 4-week camp session that starts next Monday for a great price. I signed up because there’s one right across the street from our apartment and you can go to as many sessions a week as you want! I’m really looking forward to meeting new people and pushing myself.

To keep myself accountable, I’m going to try and post often on one social media platform or another what I’m eating and/or what my exercise plan for the day is. I can’t give up. I may not have the motivation I would like but you gotta fake it till you make it! 

Have you ever lost your motivation and how did you get past it?


2 thoughts on “Finding the Motivation to Keep Going

  1. For me, motivation is linked a lot to enjoying what I’m doing and not trying to be superwoman immediately. Set yourself little goals, and if you don’t meet them every time, don’t beat yourself up about it. Just try and meet them the next time and let the previous slip up go. I find 9 times out of 10 if I feel bad or unmotivated, it’s because I’ve been beating myself up about not being able to meet an impossibly high standard. Gentle goals and slower change is easier and more fun to achieve.

    • I completely agree. Slow and steady is the way to go, which is why I also started taking measurements. The scale doesn’t always tell the full story.

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