My Obsession Monday – Max & Leo

Today is Monday, right? I had to check the calendar to make sure that title made sense. I have my moments haha.

So I’m thinking that in order to get myself writing more I need some structure or plan. Today I’m starting a new series here about my weekly obsession. I’ll do my best to keep this up.

This week’s obsessions (every week’s obsession) are my two puppies! They are my fur babies. They’re both about 2 years old and rescues. Each one has his faults and depending on who is talking about them (me vs. hubby) one is better than the other (we totally have our favorite). Here’s a little profile on each of our puppies just for fun.




He’s the oldest of our two dogs. We rescued him when he was two months old. He’s a Beagle mix (we suspect part Italian Greyhound since he’s got a similar build and is a lot leaner than most Beagles). We also suspect he’s hard-of-hearing (AND stubborn). He loooves food and will do anything to get his frito paws on it. Max is great at rolling over and will do it if he thinks it’ll get him treats. He loves people and will jump up to greet almost anyone; it’s a hard habit to break. He’s also a cuddler. Max loves being under a blanket and laying next to someone. Usually that’s me because he’s mah baby.


Puppy photo


Leo now

We adopted Leo two months after we got Max and I think he was also a little over two months old at the time. He was the runt of the litter and was apparently dropped by a kid the day we got him. He’s hated being picked up ever since. He’s a Cocker Spaniel mix but didn’t get the trademark hairy ears. He’s definitely a hunting dog and loves chasing rabbits, birds, squirrels. He hates turtles with a passion. I’m not entirely sure why. He’s a grumpy dog but he’s also super playful. He can play all by himself and the tinier something is, the more he enjoys playing with it (ex: a tiny screw, a pebble, lint… Yes, he’s a strange dog.) Leo is my hubby’s favorite and vice versa. Although, if it’s bed time, I’m the favorite again (hubby moves too much for the puppies’ liking and Leo is a bad lap dog… He moves a lot.)

I love both of our puppies but they can definitely be a handful. As I’m writing this they’re in the background play fighting and being just plain loud. Sometimes they get on our nerves but I’d never give them up. They are a joy to watch most of the time and it’s been fun seeing their personalities come through.

I talk about them a lot, as if they were little tiny humans. Like I said, they’re my fur babies. I could go on and on and share so many stories about them but I think this is enough for today.

Tell me about your pets. 🙂


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