Hump Day House Hunting

It’s a rainy day here in North Texas. This makes for a quiet day at the office. No one is thinking about outdoor projects when it’s raining and flooding.

What do I do with this downtime? Start looking at houses online, of course! The Dallas real estate market is pretty hot right now. It’s a seller’s market because inventory is low and so many big companies are moving to the area. Any of the move-in ready and nicer homes within our price range and in areas we like keep getting snatched up quickly. The lease on our apartment is up at the end of September and we need to give at least a 30 days notice of move out. That means we’ve got to get our butts in gear and start doing some serious home shopping.

We have a few things we (mostly I) really want in our home:
1. Spacious, functional kitchen – I like cooking and we love having friends over (they also love food) so we need plenty of counter space and at least two people should be able to be in the kitchen at the same time. It’s not fun getting in each other’s way, especially when one has a hot plate or pan of food. Ouch. If there’s a window by it that would be great too! I want to have a window garden with herbs. 🙂
2. Open floor plan – I’d love to be able to be in the kitchen and still be able to talk with anyone in the dining room and/or living room.
3. Spacious backyard – This is mostly so our doggies have plenty of room to run around and be their annoying, but adorable, selves. There needs to be space for them as well as for a small garden. At one point we thought about getting enough land to have a mini-farm, or at least some chickens, but that probably won’t happen right now. Perhaps in a future home down the line.
4. Preferably no HOA – At my job I help handle permits for our projects. Homeowner associations can get pretty picky. They also can take several weeks to approve even the simplest of projects. Just recently there was a story in the area about a homeowner who thought he was doing a good thing by installing drought-resistant landscaping. It’s Texas after all. Just because we’ve gotten out of the drought due to all this unusual rain doesn’t mean it’ll last. Someone complained and now he’s having to take it all out. Of course, he should’ve gone through the HOA first, but it’s still ridiculous.

I’m really excited to go out to look at houses soon! We’ll finally have our own space!


6 thoughts on “Hump Day House Hunting

  1. Niki says:

    So exciting!! What area are you looking in? Lots of great houses in my part of the metroplex 😊 I look at houses occasionally and its hard to pick one I love… And that’s just me looking for fun lol. I can’t imagine your stress of actually picking one! May the house buying force be with you.

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