“Houston, We Have A Problem.”

Beaches be trippin'!

Beaches be trippin’! No stinky seaweed!!

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to spend it with my mother- and sister-in-law. Girls-only weekend at the beach!! It was a much needed getaway for all three of us. I was looking forward to this all of last week. I needed a tan, bad. I was pale, y’all (compared to my college summer self who went swimming all the time).

Friday after work, my sis and I went to the in-laws’ house so we could leave bright and early in the morning and minimize traffic…or so we thought. As soon as we got to Houston we hit standstill traffic. A whole section of the highway was shutdown and they were diverting people off. After a lot of bumper-to-bumper traffic we eventually got to the beach(!!!). We spent some time out in the sun and water. Surprisingly, the water was pretty calm and warm. For the first time in forever there were no giant, stinky piles of seaweed out on the beach either. It was great! After an afternoon of soaking up the sun, we loaded up and headed to Houston for the night (My aunt- and uncle-in-law are the best! Uncle-in-law officiated our wedding <3). The next day we headed out to Galveston again for a baby shower and tried to squeeze in a few more hours of beach time before leaving our relaxing weekend behind. We were all set to head back to Houston and got stuck in all the traffic leaving the island. Just our luck. Spent another hour or two in Houston and decided we’d be good to leave late, right?! WRONG! Houston, I officially despise you and your traffic. What should have been less than 4 hours back to my in-laws’ home actually was 6 hours!!! Not to mention there was still the 45-50 minute drive back home from there. We spent the night at my in-laws’ and finally got home today. It was a crazy but fun weekend and we hope to return at the end of the summer with the guys. I just hope and pray someone invents teleportation soon. 😉

Next year we might go to a beach out of Texas. What are some good destinations?


3 thoughts on ““Houston, We Have A Problem.”

  1. Niki says:

    I wish I could have gone with you guys!! Let me know when you are going again so I can see if I will be in Colorado or not. As for an out of state destination, you guys should defiantly plan a trip to Destin next year. It’s the same distance as padre when driving. White sand and clear water, lots to do. We are going again in August, I did all the booking and planning so if you have any questions I can help!

    • Yea, Amanda said you’d suggested Destin before. I still can’t believe it’s the same distance though. That’s crazy! If we go to the beach in August I think it will be for a weekend towards the end because Amanda has the MCAT right before school starts again.

      • Niki says:

        Yeah if you go to my summer album on Facebook I have some pics from last year. It’s so beautiful! Plus the drive is way nicer than the drive to the border. More things to see and prettier scenery. Even the first or second week of September would be nice. Just let me know. Ah I’m so nervous for her!

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