June 2015 Goals

Today is the first of the month AND of the week which means it’s a great day to start fresh. We’re basically halfway through the year already so gotta get on it!!

This past week and a half my focus shifted from simply trying to lose weight to look better to losing weight for my health and my future. I know I couldn’t make a complete overhaul because that would have overwhelmed me, so I started by working on cutting back on carbs. My limit is 100 g a day per my doctor’s orders. While it’s been difficult it hasn’t been impossible. By cutting back on my carbs and taking some new supplements, along with a small dose of Metformin, I’m already seeing results. The annoying chacne (chin acne –  thank you Tina Fey) I’ve been suffering with lately is finally clearing up! I’ve also lost about 3 lbs and hubby said my face even looked thinner. 🙂

So I will now try to keep the momentum going into this month. Below are just a few of the things I’ll be working on.

June 2015 Goals

  • Cardio/exercise at least 30 minutes 5X a week – Doc’s orders
  • Continue to stay under 100 g of carbs daily – It’s definitely a lifestyle change
  • Cut back significantly on dairy and gluten – both are bad for PCOS symptoms
  • Establish a morning & nighttime routine – I currently don’t really have one and it makes my sleeping problems worse
  • Go on a date night with my hubby – we haven’t really gone out in a while
  • Change my legal name – Yea, I still haven’t done that either (my bad)
  • Try a yoga class

What are some of your goals for the month?


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