Must-watch TV Shows

Like many of my age group, my husband and I are addicted to Netflix. We sit around and binge watch tv shows more than we should. That being said, Netflix has a lot of wonderful original series and I can’t sing them enough praises.

House Of Cards and Orange Is The New Black are probably the most popular of them all but I’ll tell y’all about two great comedies you should watch.

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: This one is probably my favoritest <–that’s totally a word! I’ve watched the entire first season three different times all the way through, and several episodes more than that. Each time I caught something new. It has excellent writing and casting and is just wonderful all around. I really love Kimmy’s positive outlook on life even after what she had to go through. It’s about a kidnapping victim who was rescued after 15 years from an underground cult and her journey in NYC trying to catch up to the 21st century. It’s a comedy from super funny Tina Fey. If you only watch one show on this list, make it this one!

Grace and Frankie: Here’s a show that I didn’t think I’d like. I judged it by it’s cover and was pleasantly surprised. This show is about two ladies dealing with divorces after 40 years of marriage. It’s about friendship, love, and family – all the sappy stuff you might expect – but it’s also got elderly ladies swearing, using drugs, and dating. It’s definitely worth a watch.

Let me know if you’ve watched either one and what other shows you watch on Netflix. 🙂


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