Catchin’ Up

Woah! It’s been about a year and a half since my last post! So much has happened since then.

We adopted two puppies, got a new (to us) car, finally got married(!), and have started looking into getting our first home. I’m still working as an office assistant and taking business classes. I’m working on getting healthy and trying to lose all the weight I’ve gained in the past few years. It’s been a slow journey, but I’ve made some progress.

At the beginning of 2014, I started my journey with a new gym membership. I’d signed up for a 2-year contract. Oh me, oh my. I lost some weight on my own by using to log my meals and track my exercise. I went back up over the summer and that’s when I decided to hire a personal trainer. From August through November I worked with a wonderful trainer who kept me accountable and helped me improve my fitness. I lost a few more pounds but most importantly I was really proud of my progress and how much strength I’d gained. I maintained my new weight throughout the holidays and our wedding and planned to pick up my journey in January. Unfortunately, I didn’t really do much in January. February I signed up for my first Diet Bet. That was pretty interesting. It definitely kept me accountable in terms of me keeping track of my meals again. I would have won if I had added more exercise to go along with my healthier eating. I lost weight but jumped back up again afterwards. So now at the beginning of March, I’m going to work on getting my nutrition back on track and exercising more. Hopefully the weather gets warm enough that I don’t dread going outside.

Here’s to a new month and hopefully a lot more progress. 230s here I come! 😀


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