Summer’s Nearly Over

“Summer” is almost over. Although, technically it’s not over till September, right? Or here in Texas, it’s not over till the heat is gone. Ha. My point is, I haven’t crossed off as many things on my summer bucket list as I had hoped to. One step at a time, I guess. What I have done, though, is researched different careers and I think I FINALLY have a better idea of what I would love to do.

Working in an HR department would suit me, I think… Mostly I’ve been trying to get more information about recruiting and helping others find jobs. To get knowledge and understanding, I have signed up for community college classes to earn a Human Resources certificate. What?! I know, I thought I was done with school too, but it’s always good to keep learning. šŸ˜› My two classes are online which is more convenient for my schedule.

I’m really excited that I have a focus for a career choice now. Having NO idea of what I wanted to do was stressing me out a bit.

Oh! I’ve also started to eat better. I’m trying to eat low carb and have been feeling pretty good about it. I thought it would be harder for me because potatoes are my favorite vegetable -__- and I love sweets. It hasn’t been too bad, although I have been wanting cake for the past week. I settled that by getting a lemon pie from Whataburger haha. Now my next step is to actually start working out…. I’ve been failing miserably so far.

Wish me luck!!


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