“Oh the places you’ll go”

Airplane Flight Wing flying to Travel on Vacation

Airplane Flight Wing flying to Travel on Vacation (Photo credit: epSos.de)

Uh oh. Seems I’ve got a bit of a travel bug. Maybe knowing I was able to pay my own way to St. Louis this coming week, and having to constantly check on flight prices has me thinking about other travel opportunities. Or maybe it’s because I’m adventurous by nature – you know, me being a Sagittarius and all. 😉

I’ve always thought about traveling, but never really felt like it was something I’d be able to do, mostly due to my family never having money to go on a vacation. I didn’t realize that with the right amount of planning and saving, it’s not too difficult to find great deals.

I’ve found a few websites that are great for planning a trip, even if it’s just daydreaming.

Bookingbuddy.com – gathers your information for flights and then checks other sites for you (ex. hotwire.com, priceline.com, cheapoair.com, etc)

Adioso.com and Zaptravel.com – two great sites to browse for deals, especially if you’re not too sure or picky on where exactly you want to go or even when, for that matter.

Groupon.com – Groupon tends to have some deals on their getaways page that look affordable and fun

I have friends who are currently, or have recently, traveled to many places and I cannot wait for my turn! I want to go everywhere. First, I want to see other states and different seasons! I mean, I love Texas and all, but I want to spend some time in real snow. You know, the nice fluffy precipitation that falls from the sky everywhere but here? Yea, that stuff! Then there’s all the amazing beaches in the US and the Caribbean. And of course, my ultimate dream destination – Italy and Spain!

But for now, I’m off to start packing for my St. Louis trip! Let’s see if I can fit everything in my carry-on! 🙂


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