Feeling Like A Tired Squirrel

Tired squirrel

Tired squirrel (Photo credit: Awesome Joolie)

It’s been a while since I last posted. I’ve been busy and lazy all at once. How is that even possible?! It’s finally getting hot here in good ol’ Texas. I say that as if it’s a good thing, but it’s not. I’m just surprised it hasn’t been hotter. (Um, I just got deja-vu…have I said that before?) I feel like this little squirrel in the picture – haha! 

I’m getting ready to go on my trip to St. Louis next week! I’m very excited and extremely nervous. It’ll be the first time I get on a plane, not to mention flying alone, first time in St. Louis, and pretty much the first time I’m out of the Texas/Oklahoma area. My sorority, Gamma Sigma Sigma, is holding it’s biannual convention there this year. I recently graduated from college, and want to connect with other people who love service. There are going to be awesome workshops specifically for alumni members and information on how we can stay involved.

I’ve got my packing list ready and have been scouring pinterest to find tips on how to stuff everything into a single carry-on bag. I hope I can make it! I plan on taking photos of the city while my friends and I explore, so I’ll post some of those later.

I also stopped by the library about a week ago and picked up several books to read. I’m reading through ‘How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accent’ by Julia Alvarez. This book had me thinking about my Spanish and that I need to practice it more. I also have been wanting to learn Italian for a while so I downloaded Duolingo for my phone. It is so easy to use and a really great tool for learning and practicing languages. It’s also a great time killer!

If you’ve got tips on flying for the first time (besides the usual 3 oz. rule, no sharp/dangerous things, etc), tips on packing a carry-on,  or visiting St. Louis and free things to do there, let me know! 😀


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