Wedding Wednesday

After looking at wedding boards on Pinterest all weekend, it’s all I can think of! I can hardly focus on my work, because I have too many thoughts. Maybe if I can write them down I’ll feel better?

I feel like I’m playing some sort of intense tennis match in my head. One version of myself wants the nicer, bigger (aka more expensive) wedding seen all over the place these days – on a WAY smaller budget. The other just wants a really small and casual event, with only the closest of friends and family – she’s winning, for the most part. I want to be realistic and practical, but every so often I start feeling a bit of guilt, because I want to be able to invite everyone who’s ever supported my fiance and I as a couple and celebrate with them. Of course, that’s not possible due to finances. Every so often, I also keep thinking about all the out-of-town people who will be flying in for our wedding. I would feel bad if we didn’t make this “worth” their time. I know I’m probably being crazy with that thought, because they’re family and they love us.

Weddings nowadays are bigger than they were over 20 years ago. They’re also more expensive. The “average” wedding cost is around $27 grand! Of course, that number is a misleading number due to incredibly rich people who can have elaborate events (*cough* Kim K. *cough*) for show. I have found it challenging to resist gawking over all the gorgeous dresses, centerpieces, and other wedding details with pretty pictures on Pinterest.

Since my fiance and I are footing the bill for our wedding, the pressure is on to be frugal and cut costs, but have a day that speaks of who we are. There are four things that are important for us to have: family, friends, food, and fun! Sounds like a normal family get-together and that’s what we have to keep in mind. Weddings aren’t just about the bride, nor is it just about the couple – it’s about two sets of families coming together as one to celebrate what is to come.

How did you plan your wedding? Did you have trouble keeping your budget?


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