“I’m walking on sunshine…”

Now that I’m out of school, I need things to keep me busy. I made my very first bucketlist! But writing it down is only half the battle. The other is actually being able to cross those items off. Whether your goals are for fun or for work, it’s nice to be able to take a step back to be proud of your accomplishments.

I’ve made lists of goals before, but I’ve never really taken the time to be specific or make a plan. That’s changing this time around. This summer I’ll be working on my list and I plan on crossing them off one-by-one. 😉

There are many ideas out there on how to achieve your goals. The most common ones are: to be specific about your goal – what exactly do you want, believe in your goal and really desire it, visualize achieving your goal, make a plan and do something to work towards it every day, and be realistic about your goal. Check out the related articles to learn more and get some motivation.

Goals are only pretty if they're in an array of colors ;)

Goals are only pretty if they’re in an array of colors 😉

Here’s my list:

1. Go camping – I have a tent, I might as well use it.

2. Float the San Marcos river – I’ve heard it’s fun and the temp. is always at 72!

3. Go on road trip with my Gamma Sigma Sigma sisters for convention (I’ll be travelling to St. Louis, MO in July! I’m excited to leave Texas for a bit.) (Done!)

4. Take more photographs – to be more specific, I want to photograph more of the times my friends and I hang out. Just to capture those awesome moments.

5. Spend more time with my family (and learn delicious recipes) – My mom is a great cook and I love her, but she lives in a sketchy part of town so I hate going over there. I plan on visiting her more often though because I know she’s going through a lot.

6. Begin paying off school loans – ugh! It’s a necessary evil, because until that’s paid off my money won’t really be my money.

7. Visit the beach (South Padre!) – I love going to the beach, but South Padre is such a long drive from here. Fortunately, I just might end up there twice this summer. We’ll see. 😉

8. Walk/jog/run at least 3 miles a week. See now I’m more specific. I figured I would be ok with doing at least one mile around my apartment complex a few nights a week. Starting off small, but that’s how I’ll stick to it.

9. Bake sale for the American Heart Association! In my first post, I wrote about my motivation for the name of my blog. I’m raising money for the Heart Walk and will be making delicious goodies to sell to my friends and family, with the proceeds going to AHA. I’m really excited to get that started.

10. Lose at least 10 lbs and gain muscle – I figured cutting back on my caloric intake and doing more exercise than none at all, I should be able to reach this by the end of the summer.

11. Get more concrete details for the wedding – My fiance and I were engaged in April and have finally set a date (I think, hahaha) but it may change slightly depending on the venue that we decide on. By the end of the summer, I hope to have a set date and location for our wedding! SO EXCITING!!

12. Learn to drive. Now this one is a bit embarrassing, because at the young/old age of 23 I have yet to get my driver’s license. I own a car though! I just don’t drive it. I admit, it’s nice most of the time that I get driven around, but there are other times when it just becomes an inconvenience and scheduling problem.

13. Be more independent – learning to drive should help with this one. I also need to learn to accept doing things on my own, without my fiance around all the time. Most of the things I do, he gets dragged to. I want to be able to enjoy myself and the places around me without having to hope that we are both in the mood to go out.

14. Keep my desk clean and organize it. I have a bad habit of my desk being my catch-all and it gets messy fast. I’ll be filing my important paperwork this afternoon to clear up some of that clutter, but it’ll always be a work in progress.

15. Read at least 1 book a month – self-explanatory

16. Walk/run a 5K at the end of the summer – There are tons of 5Ks for charity coming up, so I’ll be looking at those soon.

17. Make something from my pinterest boards – I’ll probably choose a few recipes to try in the coming months. YUMMY!

18. Make a family tree – VERY IMPORTANT! Every time I go home, I meet new people and I just assume they’re distant cousins or something. Seriously, I have a huge family.

19. Plan a trip to Honduras. I really want to go! It’s a little scary though, because my mom’s hometown is the most violent city in the world… I might just go to the tourist-y parts first. This trip wouldn’t actually take place this summer though, for lack of funds, but I do plan on going within the next 2 years.

20. Volunteer with the American Red Cross and at an animal shelter – I’ve already done my orientation with the ARC but need to contact them about specific assignments. I still need to do an orientation with the animal shelter. It’s the only way I can be around cats, y’all. 😦 The fiance is severely allergic, but I love those fluffy little fur balls.

21. Go kayaking/canoeing – it seems I love the water! I really want to do this and there are always discounts online in my area, so there’s no excuse not to.

So these are my goals for this summer, what are yours?


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