Why OneHeart2Give?

The name came to me when I signed up for the American Heart Association‘s Heart Walk that takes place in DFW in September. I am walking in it and raising money for it this year in memory of my stepdad. He passed away last summer from a heart attack. Just thinking about it makes my eyes water. I don’t normally show my “negative” emotions around people, even close friends so many don’t know that I’m still hurting. I push my thoughts aside because I don’t want to bring people down. That’s also one of the reasons I started this blog – to put into words what I can’t bring myself to say aloud.

Our relationship was always a roller coaster ride. It was a love-hate kind of thing. My mom always joked around when I went off to college that my stepdad no longer had anyone to argue with. In all honesty, I loved him. He stepped up to the plate as best he could to help my mom raise my younger brother and I. My dad’s always been around, but my stepdad was there every day. Although he battled with severe alcoholism, I know he did try. Now I only wish I could go back and tell him one last thank you.

We only have one heart and one life to live and give. I will do my best to finally become a healthier person – physically and emotionally, and to give of my time and money to support great causes and organizations. This blog serves as a place to put my thoughts on this journey I have started…


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